Welcome to 3D Treening in Tallinn, Estonia.

3D Treening is a sports gym concentrating on different combat sports:

  • MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and submission wrestling

The name of our gym refers to full range of a real fight – i.e. all 3 Distances – stand-up fighting, close-range clinch fighting, and ground fighting. At 3D Treening we train in all the ranges in order for the members of our gym to obtain the fullest package of skills and knowledge of hand-to-hand combat, be it for fight sports or self-defence.

Please watch our photo galleries and video galleries. Although they are displayed on webpage in Estonian, images speak more than a thousand words.


Phone: 50 93 111
(Priit Mihkelson, head coach)

E-mail: info [at] 3dtreening.ee

Locations of our gyms:
See under page Treeningud
(in Estonian).

Bank account for fees:
In Estonia:

Mata Leao OÜ
EE662200221046763630 (Swedbank)
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